How to flash custom kernel and custom ROM in X8? easiest way (guide)

Hello guys in this post i will explain how to flash custom kernel & custom ROM in X8

Custom Kernel Flashing Guide

1.x8 with unlocked bootloader (unlock guide)
2.Flashtool(old stable version)
(new version)
3.any Custom kernel like nAa or alfs
    nAa: download
    Alfs: download
4.little computer knowledge :)
5.Rooted x8(root guide)

2.after downloading kernel( .ftf file)  copy it to flashtool/firwares(paste here) flash tool on flash button and select the custom kernel

5.switch off your x8
6.connect your x8 via USB cable by pressing back button of x8,untill green LED glows

7.after flashing disconnect your x8 from pc
8.thats it now you have flashed a custom kernel

Custom Kernel list
1.nAa kernel
2.Alfs Kernel
3.nAa ICS kernel

Custom ROM installation Guide for unlocked bootloader:
1.unlocked bootloader
2.rooted mobile
3.custom kernel

instructions: custom ROMS from here or here  
2.copy downloaded custom ROM to your sd card
3.switch on your x8 and keep pressing back button untill you enter recovery recovery wipe data/factory reset your x8 install zip from sd card and select your downloaded ROM and install it

5.install gaaps if required(optional)
6.reboot your x8 and enjoy custom ROM

1.MiniCM7 v2.2.1(gingerbread) 
3.PrimeHD v9
4.Semc Debrand engine
6.MiniCM9 3.0.3(ice cream sandwich) 
7.IceCreamDX v004

Custom ROM installation Guide for locked bootloader:
some custom ROMS can also be installed in stock kernel with xrecovery

xrecovery installtion guide

1.rooted X8
2.Busybox from the market installed xrecovery (download
4.root explorer (download)

1.extract xrecovery folder and copy both root explore and xrecovery to sd card

2.using any file manager install Root Explorer root explorer and grant superuser access

4.browse to the xRecovery folder and copy the 3 files to  /system/bin folder

5.xrecovery is installed now

6.switch off your x8, switch it on and keep pressing back button untill you see this
7.thats it now you have installed xrecovery download any custom rom from here

9.copy downloaded ROM to SD card enter xrecovery and select wipe data(factory reset) install custom zip and select your downloaded ROM and install it


  1. I am the guy from the other post..on how to unlock bootloader...Thnx for answering me so soon...i have a problem with this guide.When i move the .ftf file and go to the menu to flash the kernel the only file is for x10 phone i cant see my files..what can i do???

  2. I fixed that on my own...I found a solution :)...i download an older version of flashtool(the v.6.9.1)